Aston Martin and the Fine Art of Living


By TMA Howe

Art of Living by Aston Martin

Experiences include winter driving adventures in Japan

Ever since 1915, when the car nicknamed the ‘Coal Scuttle’ became the first to bear the Aston Martin name, these iconic luxury cars have been driven by few, but desired by many. Whether winning at Le Mans or cruising along the Med, Astons continue to grace roads around the world.

Now, for those of us that would like to live the Aston Martin way, the company has revealed the initial offerings for the 2018 Art of Living by Aston Martin experiences.

One of the highlights of the Art of Living season will be the opportunity for guests to learn from expert drivers the techniques of controlling a car in slippery conditions, pushing themselves and the cars to the limit. Making the Hokkaido On Ice experience extra special is that this incredible package includes the opportunity to enjoy a range of Aston Martin models against the spectacular backdrop of Japan’s northernmost island.

Other amazing events for drivers scheduled in 2018 include driving along the famous Atlantic Ocean Road in the wilds of Norway, touring stunning lochs and castles in the Highlands of Scotland, and taking a cruise along the South African coastline near Cape Town.


The race is on

Art of Living by Aston Martin

Aston Martin’s Art of Living travels the world

There are also events designed to appeal to racing enthusiasts, too. Following Aston Martin’s partnership with Red Bull Racing, racing fans can watch the new cars being tested in Barcelona before the teams fly to Melbourne, Australia, for the first race of the season.

Art of Living by Aston Martin guests will have exclusive access to the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing garage and the chance to meet the F1TM drivers and team members as they prepare for the new season. Formula One fans can also attend the Monaco Grand Prix, or pick up an Aston from Red Bull Racing HQ in the UK and drive to the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium to watch the Belgian Grand Prix.

In a continuation of Aston Martin’s long list of successes at Le Mans, the company took a glorious win in 2017. This year Art of Living guests are invited to join the team as it defends its title against the best cars and drivers in the world. Staying at the stunning Chateau de Jalesnes, guests will beat the queues by taking helicopter transfers to and from the circuit as they cheer on the Aston Martin Racing team.

The following are confirmed Art of Living by Aston Martin experiences for 2018:

  • 8-12 February, Hokkaido On Ice, Japan
  • 7-10 March, Aston Martin & Red Bull Racing: Barcelona Pre-Season Testing
  • 24-28 May, Aston Martin & Red Bull Racing: Monaco Race Weekend
  • 15-18 June, 24 Hours of Le Mans with Aston Martin
  • 12-15 July, Goodwood Festival of Speed with Aston Martin
  • 23-27 August, Aston Martin & Red Bull Racing: Drive to Spa Francorchamps & Ultimate Race Weekend
  • 8-10 September, Goodwood Revival with Aston Martin
  • 27-30 September, Drive to Wilds of Norway with Aston Martin
  • 18-21 October, Drive the Scottish Highlands with Aston Martin
  • All year round, At Home with Aston Martin: Behind-the-Scenes Factory Tour
  • All year round, At Home with Aston Martin: A Discovery of Power, Passion & Heritage
  • From February to November, Millbrook Performance Driving Course
  • Date tbc, Drive South Africa with Aston Martin

To learn more about these and the many other great experiences available from Aston Martin, visit their website at


TMA Howe is Luxury Globe Media’s UK Automotive Editor.




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