Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers from Motoring Classics


By TMA Howe

Choosing Christmas gifts for car lovers is always tricky. If that sounds like someone you know, then Motoring Classics might just have the answer with a great range of clothing and accessories that should suit all car lovers.

Christmas Gifts for car lovers flight jacket

Better than Biggles’ flight jacket…

How about an Aviation Leathercraft Irvin Flying Jacket? This is exactly what we would have imagined wearing when we were kids, running around pretending to be a famous fighter pilot, with our hands pressed against our eyes in goggle shapes. The Irvin Original Sheepskin Flying Jacket is made from first-rate, hard-wearing materials and will last you virtually forever. Whilst it may have been intended to be worn when flying high above the ground, it will look equally at home being worn as you head across the Swiss Alps in your open top luxury sports car.

Worn by racers and car enthusiasts the world over, Piloti footwear offer performance, comfort and style with every shift of the gears. With a wide choice of styles covering everything from performance through to casual luxury, these shoes are just as comfortable when behind the wheel as they are when treading the pavement. All shoes feature top-quality suedes and leathers, with contrast stitching and design details that evoke the world of cars and racing.

Of course, whilst you drive away wearing your Irvin flying jacket, pressing down the accelerator with your Piloti shoes, you should have some equally special luggage with you. Motoring Classics has a wide range of superb leather suitcases and travel bags. Personally, I love the Leather Suitcase. Available in black or brown leather with lovely details such as brass fittings and reinforced corners, it’s bound to please anyone who receives it as a gift.

Motoring Classics is the retail arm of British Motor Heritage (BMH) and have gifts of all types and prices to suit most motoring enthusiasts out there. (And as note to my wife, I sure know that I would be happy with either of the above items!)

To learn more about great Christmas gifts for car lovers, visit the Motoring Classics website at


TMA Howe is Luxury Globe Media’s UK Automotive Editor.




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