Photo:  Afternoon Tea, Cambridge / Kim Kerr

Food and Drink in the UK

The UK’s most memorable food and  drink experiences await


There’s no doubt the UK’s cuisine has come a long way. Sure, pies, fish ’n’ chips, and bangers and mash are still a thing and are in fact staples, though often with a twist, at some of the country’s best restaurants.

These days, the UK’s top chefs are recognized worldwide for their culinary adventurism and innovative recipes. In addition to its many Michelin-starred fine-dining establishments, the UK also boasts countless award-winning foods that are as likely to be served in humble country pubs as they are in big city dining establishments in places like London.


UK’s Best Food and Drink Experiences


The UK certainly has an excellent reputation regarding alcoholic beverages, too. From world-beating gin distilleries to superb craft breweries, the country offers no end of delightful drinking experiences, whatever your chosen tipple… so long as you’re above the legal drinking age of 18, of course!  

From savoury delights to sweet treats, from craft beer and fine wines, let LuxuryUK introduce you to the very best food and dining options in this beautiful corner of the world.