Luxury Northern Ireland — Experiences, Lifestyles, Travel

Although the smallest of the four countries that make up the UK, Northern Ireland is not without its appeal for those seeking to indulge in some luxury travel. Visitors and residents alike enjoy exploring exciting points of interest such as this ancient land’s numerous historic castles, its stunning countryside and pleasant coastal vistas. As fun to explore by car as it is on foot (or bike or even horseback, for that matter), Northern Ireland’s rolling hills and lush valleys are also the perfect backdrop for some of the worlds’ top golf courses. Let Luxury Northern Ireland be your guide to the very best the country has to offer.

Belfast, the country’s capital, has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years and is home to many fine five star luxury hotels, boutique inns and romantic B&Bs. The city also boasts world-class spas and shopping along with several historic sites and attractions, including the Titanic Quarter, the city’s restored docklands and home to a superb museum highlighting the history of the shipyards where the ill-fated vessel was built.