Lupins – True Brit Fare With a European Twist


By Joe Teng

Lupins Restaurant small kitchen great food

London Bridge’s hottest new eatery

Tucked away in between London Bridge and Borough lies Lupins restaurant, an exciting new eatery that champions local and seasonal British ingredients and giving it a European twist. And although newly opened, already this small, cool and casual place is proving a massive hit within the area.

The menu is based on snacks to small sharing plates, and desserts with wine recommendations are also available, handily placed underneath each dish to help diners with their decisions. The great thing about this small hub of activity is that you can drink and eat to your hearts content without feeling like you’re in a rush – and, in all honesty, why would you want to rush when the food’s so good it will leave you wanting more and more?

On the food front, the cavolo nero croquettes (that’s cabbage to you and me) are a popular snack with soft, stringy and hot gruyere cheese bursting out as you cut into them. And it’s even more ‘moreish’ when dipped into the red pepper salsa. To think some people find cabbage boring… well, not anymore.

The crab’s the winner at Lupins restaurant

Lupins restaurant great food

Devilishly delicious…

Staying on the subject of cheese, the burrata is also worth devouring with it’s gooey texture smothering pieces of spiced pumpkin and pieces of wafer thin speck delicately placed on top.

The bavette is gorgeously rare, just how we like it. And for the anchovy haters out there, give it a try because the bagna cauda – a rich sauce made from olive oil, garlic, anchovies and butter – just takes it to another level. It’s devilishly tasty. The schnitzel is worth mentioning, too; a tender piece of crispy fried pork accompanied with sweet pickled shimeji mushrooms that’s so delicious it’s guaranteed to get please.

However, ladies and gentlemen, the crab thermidor is a clear winner in our eyes. Rich and luxurious, this little gem made us weak at the knees… so creamy it has to be spread generously on toasted bread.

Lupins smashes out hit after hit and, in all honesty, it’s a breath of fresh air. From the service to the food, it’s hard to get your head around how they can deliver such top quality produce from so tiny kitchen.

It’s a definite thumbs up from us.

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