Capra NV – Luxury Pens With a Formula 1 Pedigree


Capra NV – Luxury Pens With a Formula 1 Pedigree
By TMA Howe

Capra NV Luxury Pens model in blue

Stylish Formula 1-inspired design

The Midlands of England have long been home to some of the top Formula 1 teams through history. Today, the likes of Williams, Red Bull, Renault, and Force India have bases in and around the area. The specialist skills required for one of the world’s most demanding industries mean the region has some of the finest engineers in the world.

Now, in the region’s heartland in the picturesque county of Northamptonshire, some of those skills developed in the F1 world have been put to good use producing fine luxury writing instruments which combine elegant designs with high levels of manufacturing knowledge and technique.

Capra NV is a new British company that designs and produces superlative writing instruments which simply emanate quality and luxury. Countless highly skilled machining operations are at the very heart of Capra NV luxury pens and other products, with skills developed from working for over 40 years in the motor racing industry enabling Capra NV to manufacture pieces which are designed with a clear precision of form and design.

“It has taken us over four years of R&D to develop our luxurious individual range of writing instruments,” says company co-founder Vanita Dhand-Panchal. “The collections include hand finished pens for the most discerning of individuals using materials and finishes used in the coveted Motor racing industry.”

Capra NV Luxury Pens’ Intuitive Design

Material selection comes from decades of skills learned in world championship winning F1 teams, combining engineering know-how and overall visual impact. Multiple operations and processes are required to avoid stress to the material and ensure quality is maintained.

Capra NV have set out to achieve the highest standards possible. Design of the products has been done in an uncompromising manner with multiple iterations of each design looking to achieve a solution that is technically proven. Aesthetic design and cutting edge manufacturing techniques are just some of the considerations.

Capra NV, destined to be one of the world’s leading new pen brands, benefits from the intuitive creativity and experience of co-founder Nitul Panchal. From an early age as a teenager, Panchal had the privilege of being invited to Formula 1 factories, having personal tours, sitting in the racing cars, and meeting the drivers. This fuelled an inner desire to work with the very best in an extremely demanding environment which pushes an engineer to their limits, and where second best is not an option.

Following the successful UK launch of its pen lines, the company will add a line of watches all made to the same exacting standard using extremely rare and special super alloys. Guaranteed to take the luxury watch market by storm, this exclusive collection is made for the connoisseur who appreciates how the watch is made, and what it is made of. Each watch has remarkable detailing ranging from the highly super alloy materials to the way the watch has been assembled and produced in

The skills and knowledge taken from the world of formula 1 has transferred seamlessly to these magnificent writing instruments that one would simply never want to put down.

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TMA Howe is Luxury Globe Media’s UK Automotive Editor.


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