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Located high on a cliff overlooking the scenic Firth of Clyde and boasting an enchanting old Roman viaduct entranceway, Culzean Castle holds a special place in the heart of many American visitors to Scotland.

What’s the USA connection? Well, President Dwight D. Eisenhower stayed here before, during, and after his presidency, and had a strong affinity for the beautiful castle and its expansive grounds. Ike’s legacy lives on here, with one of the castle’s most elegant accommodations even named after him: the Eisenhower Suite. The choice of name came about in honor of Eisenhower’s role as Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Western Europe during WWII.


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Culzean Castle and its splendid grounds were liked by Ike (Photo: Katherine Carlyon / Unsplash)


Run by the National Trust for Scotland and dubbed the “Eisenhower Hotel”, Culzean Castle accommodations consist of six unique guest rooms and is considered one of the most exclusive (and certainly unique) places to stay in Scotland. During the day, the castle serves as a museum with visitors coming and going to enjoy the magnificent structure and the area around it. At night, though, the breathtaking views, exotic animals (in the deer park), and romantic beach and cliff walks are all yours to explore.


Enjoy a Stay at Culzean Castle Accommodations


The castle is surrounded by over 600 acres of wonderful things to do and explore, ensuring that, if you’re looking for that special romantic getaway location, this will be hard to beat.

The castle’s original stone tower was built to defend the area in the 1300s, and centuries later, David Kennedy, the 10th Earl of Cassillis, modernized the castle to create d the “ultimate bachelor pad” in which to entertain his friends. Most of the buildings you see today were completed in 1792.


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Castle rooms remain pretty much as they were at the time of Ike’s stay Photo: Louisa Bihi / Unsplash)


The six exclusive guest rooms that comprise the Culzean Castle accommodations are all located on the top floor, well away from the daytime visitors. And there’s no worries getting there, as a dedicated 1920s elevator will whisk you to your room.


Afternoon Tea at Culzean Castle


Culzean Castle also offers superb afternoon teas for its guests, along with meals for an additional charge. For an authentic Scottish experience, guests can also partake in a fun whisky-tasting experience through a local distillery (be sure to contact the castle directly for this as well as dining options).

Be sure to check out the entrance to the viaduct that leads to the castle. It starts at what looks like an old ruined Roman arch but was in fact designed by architect Robert Adam in the 18th century to create a very dramatic entranceway.


Culzean Castle Accommodations Scotland grounds with canon
Culzean Castle’s grandeur impresses the moment you arrive (Photo: Tom Graham / LuxuryUK)


And yes, from here you will have spectacular photo opportunities of the castle and the grounds, with the classic arch definitely adding to that unique bachelor pad charm.

In addition to the sleeping quarters, you’ll find a grand circular Drawing Room and an elegant private Dining Room available for guest use. There are also acres of property to explore, including the deer park, a swan pond, a walled garden, and an adventure cove.


Rich in History… and Fun


Any stay here must include taking a walk through the castle’s many elaborately decorated rooms. Visit at your own pace or take a guided tour, offered twice a day. For added fun, there are Lego figures hidden throughout the castle for youngsters to search out. Some are hard to find on your own, but if you’re having difficulties, you might try looking in the chandelier (or ask your guide!).

The property is rich in history, and the elegantly appointed accommodations set in a beautiful location make Culzean Castle an outstanding and exclusive getaway destination in Scotland. Located approximately 50 miles from Glasgow and just 12 miles from the town of Ayr, the castle is only open to tourists from March to October.

Be sure to check their website for opening times, prices, and other information. To learn more about Culzean Castle and Country Park.


Local Culzean Castle Accommodations


While accommodations at Culzean Castle itself are somewhat limited and are frequently fully booked, there are several great alternatives close by. Some of the best are actually located in the castle grounds themselves, while others are within easy walking distance of this stunning landmark destination in Maybole.

Here are just a few that you may wish to consider if you’re planning a stay near this top attraction in Scotland:

Brewhouse Flat – Culzean Castle

Clocktower – Culzean Castle

North Segganwell – Culzean Castle

South Segganwell – Culzean Castle

Royal Artillery Cottage – Culzean Castle

Ardlochan Lodge – Culzean Castle

North Firbank – Culzean Castle

Garden House – Culzean Castle




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