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The United Kingdom – or the UK, as it’s affectionately known – has long been Europe’s go-to destination when it comes to luxury travel and lifestyles. Consisting of the ‘united’ countries of England, Scotland, Wales (the three countries that together make up Great Britain) plus Northern Ireland, the UK is where you’ll find centuries of rich heritage on display in countless historical sites, museums and galleries.

The UK’s capital, London, is home to some of the world’s most sought after luxury real estate, boutique hotels and attractions, as well as an endless array of things to see and do. Venture farther afield to cities such as Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Liverpool, to name but a few, and you’ll find the same calibre of world-class restaurants, nightlife and shopping as in the capital, but with a unique flair derived from the local culture. Venture into the countryside and you’ll be rewarded by some of the world’s most diverse scenery. From the tall mountains of Snowdonia and Cairngorms to the dramatic coastal scenery of Cornwall and Pembrokeshire, the gardens of Kent and the rolling rural countryside of the Cotswolds, let be your guide to the United Kingdom’s exciting and endless possibilities.

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